I would drink down flames for you-

dance on tenterhooks, splay myself

across like stars dripped

from God’s brush,

stretching to accommodate

the infinity of you.


Oh, to be cupbearer

to your sorrows

and vessel to your joys-

to know the crags of your face,

the cliff of your smile,

the minutiae of lines

under your eyes.


You wear an ancient face,


yet are ageless,

skin like porcelain,

irises like a peacock

proudest of God’s creations.


I break when you sing.



I dreamt I married Bear

he threw his great coat over me,

with wild medicine, that sark

felt like rains and the

musk of the woods.


Berserker’s blood mingled

with the stew of American lore

and my ancestors’ calls

rose like ghosts across the gulf.


We ran bare through lands of ice

chasing plasma and springs,

Odin One-Eye struck his staff

and lit my coat  aflame.


I plunged into salmon runs,

scorched by noonday sun,

a husk of a beast,

Bear licked me clean of ash.


We were wed in terror,

in a glen bloodied red by our paws,

briars stabbed my toes as we joined

gored hands in a promise-


You are mine until the trees fall

and all that is left is a whisper

of green things and damp moss.


You are mine until the wolves come

and you run away with the lightning,

scared by the canyon of my love.


Sweet as berries I will pluck you

and lay you down on my animal skin,

ripe as nectar I will drink you

and empty you of wanting.


Sharp as claws, we will ravage

the elk in its taiga home

our hunt is the stuff of legends

led by ravens and lost souls.


Be my bride and I will give you the world,

my betrothal gift is the wild,

the vulture’s call my engagement song.


Be mine and become mother to millions.


Be mine, and the moon is yours.