Underground Railroad Lullaby

Lyrics sung from the perspective of a runaway on the Underground Railroad

Oh heavy moon
I wanna sing about you
and how that stream
flows crystal blue

Through these Appalachian Mountains
and the hills I call my home
you linger, softly shining
in the heavens, all alone.

Heavy moon, shine down on me
heavy moon, by your grace I’ll be free
when the North Star falls
overturned by sunshine’s call
you’ll shine on, softly burning
in the rain.

Heavy moon,
have you seen my sin?
How the cradle fell, broken
and the bones scattered within?

Heavy moon, were you weeping?
Can I wish upon your scars?
For the cold winter’s creepin’
through these rusting iron bars.

Heavy moon, do you crave release?
chained to time’s revolving,
does your circle ever cease?
And we dance, with bloody hands,
our fates bound to the beast
each step into the darkness,
each breath an elegy.

Old heavy moon, shine down on me
heavy moon, by your grace I’ll be free
when the North Star falls
overturned by sunshine’s call
you will sleep, softly dreaming
in the rain.

Sometimes I wish us wanderers
had easier paths to tread
instead of broken nails,
we’d have silver coins instead.

And the cross that you’ve been dragging
from the gallows straight to morn
is weighed with a thousand sorrows
from the chariot you’ve drawn.

Oh heavy moon, shine down on me
sweet heavy moon, by your grace I’ll be free
where I’m bound, there ain’t no riches
you’re my only currency
silver prayer up in the heavens,
you’re all I’ll ever need.



Song lyrics that have yet to be set to music.  I’ll get around to it eventually.

The Jordan runs down to the ocean
she’s got pilgrims in her hair
Black Madonna, don’t you wanna
dance without a care?

There’s a locket in her pocket
it’s says “I’m almost there,”
she’s almost mine,
fine as wine,

And I wonder what it’s like
to have a woman that is true
she’s got photographs of every
sinner’s lips she’s ever used.

She says “I am the Tin Girl,
and your heart’s enough for two,”
and I think I almost loved her,

Mama says I should’ve cursed you
you’re my siren of despair
we had it all, we had to fall
I looked for you everywhere.

Almost with ya
could’ve missed ya
you beautiful nightmare
God sinned when he made you

The moon rises high and fills sky
why does it give a damn?
There’s a white flag on my front door
warning “Pretty Girls Beware.”

‘Cause the wolf inside will eat ya
and I don’t really care
about those eyes, just like starlight
and the flowers in your hair
soon I’ll forget you, Magdalena.

Long ago I almost loved you
almost had you, guess I lost you
you’re my Lady of Sorrows,
so lay me down forevermore:

In a field white with roses
where the morning star reposes
we’ll toast all of our failings –
I’ll make angels fall like rain.

Mama said I’d curse you
I wish I didn’t care
we almost were
I never heard
of Magdalena.