Dream Diary: Archangel Uriel

I spoke too soon about never meeting Uriel. What has always been a rather mysterious angel to me, with me always wondering where Uriel was, I met her (yes, a her, I was quite surprised) in a dream of a tropical paradise in Heaven with crystal blue oceans, sunfish, starfish, and coral reefs, pink sand beaches and verdant Pacific island greenery. I was flying around in my angelic form and she waved at me from a beach where she was practicing martial moves. She was dressed down in an azure blue top and pants like Grecian women wore when competing in athletic events, complete with a spear by her side. She had sandy brown skin with adorable freckles, hazel eyes, dreadlocks to her shoulders held back by a golden headband, and the cutest, most relaxed smile. She talked about how she was the angel of the earth and good to call upon for peace, inner guidance, and settling disputes with friends. Just my own UPG. Strange enough, she looked exactly like an OC, Lira, I made up in elementary school, who was the angel of the element earth and the universal defender in my fantasy space opera that also starred Ariel as the lion angel of fire and destruction. They were… a big thing… I distinctly remember 11 year old Allie writing make-out scenes between the two angels and shipping them hardcore as only a tween can ship… I don’t know how I feel about this…


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