I’M 26!

I’m 26 as of today!  Happy New Year everyone!  No longer in my early twenties and two years from getting my doctorate whilst knees deep in an exclusive novel revision for an awesome agent!  Pretty sure this is the year my dreams come true: marriage, a book, and academic articles galore!

Auld Lang Syne!


Black Adder Bruises

Sliding harmonics as trails encircle

pulse of dark matter across my brow

wine stain bruises dusked black purple

moldy water for pigs awash in the trough.


Lay him in a manger of black figs and honey.

Lay him in cloth bands of hellish device.

Feed him the milked of the damned as money

to cross over the border of blackest vice.


The cattle lows, newborn goats glisten

wet with the dew of a motherless child

whores flock to him, red hair abandon

and the dead love infants tender and mild.

On Becoming Gwyn’s Awenydd — Signposts in the Mist

In Pum Llyfr Cerddwriaeth (1570) Simwnt Fychan lists three main stages of poet-hood; disgybl ysbâs heb radd, ‘unqualified apprentice’, disgybl disgyblaidd ‘qualified apprentice’, and pencerdd ‘master poet’. In January 2013 I took vows to Gwyn ap Nudd, a Brythonic god of the dead and ruler of Annwn, embarking on an apprenticeship to him that would […]

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Still Looking for a Way Out?

Iced lime wedge, fallen snow void

in winter’s chill, we whisper to avoid

any light or warmth, out of sun’s reach

and the shackles of those who ever preach

redemption by sunlight, moonlight shines

over the vacancies of our mind, silver divine

and as my back shoulders burdens, deliver

my soul, for I am fallen rain, an ice sliver

and nothing comes from Heaven without

a way out.

Dream Diary: Graduate School for Monsters

Pigwarts school of hogsnot and sowfarts

Dances with Tricksters

I’ve been reading too many fantasy novels again, the only explanation for why I dream I am in a graduate school for monsters. My friends and I are vampires, fairies, mermaids, angels, demons – the list goes on – and the faculty are angels and demons, with Michael as headmaster. We do the drudgery of classes, flirting with boys with fangs and comparing the color of wings and lipstick, spend late nights in the enchanted library pouring over living tomes as we cram for finals write foot-long essays with parchment and quill – clearly my subconscious still wishes I could have attended Hogwarts. I am Jophiel, par for course in dreams, with a pink and yellow aura and opalescent white wings, and my best friends and I laugh over drunk antics and party like there is no tomorrow in between the heavy load that is a magical monster grad school.

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New Spiritual Blog at Dreamwidth!

In the mass Tumblr Exodus, my friends and I have moved onto Dreamwidth and Discord.  My dreamwidth is thedevilsfool and dreamwidth-pagans is a great, chill community.  Old timers in the otherkin community like me and Remy are there and some pretty dope people I’m acquaintances with.  I’ll be posting more detailed spiritual journals and just, like, whatever the hell I want.  If you are at all interested, it’s open to the public, as I want to keep this WordPress mostly creative writing focused.

Here is my Dreamwidth! https://thedevilsfool.dreamwidth.org/

Honoring Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga since I was a teen has been a guardian spirit, babushka, and initiator into witchcraft for me. Not only does she teach me witchcraft of the wilderness, wildcrafting, hedgewitchery, kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft, but also hearth magic. I view her as a very terrestrial spirit, before the gods came to Russia, there was Baba Yaga. The very soul of my Slavic ancestors, the kings and queens of Kievan Rus. There is something feral and somber but altogether holy and beautiful about the dvoverie, or double faith, of Slavic lands that lasts to this day, and no one is more liminal or burbling with wild magic as Baba Yaga. She manifests very powerfully and smells like cloying honeysuckle and an older lady’s perfume, likes to smoke her pipe and knit, and will insist cleanliness is next to godliness. An initiator for women’s magic, she tests maidens like Vasilisa in the myths and her chicken legged hut is the fulcrum on which Buyan turns. It is related to charnel houses and a sign of her dominion over the Russian afterlife of Veles’s realm. Listening to Mussorgosky’s “The Hut on Chicken Feet,” you can hear the thrum of Baba Yaga’s wizened laughter. Lady of Iron Teeth, Lady of Pestle and Mortar, good offerings for her are chicken feet (easily ordered at Dim Sum or Chinese restuarants and stored for later), vodka, housework, especially sweeping, and she absolutely loves goofy dolls of wizened crones and witches. I have a ’60s doll squeaky witch from the Soviet Union she adores. She also loves sprigs of lavender, nightshade, poisonous herbs, and herbal or wildflower tea. Above all, if you want her magic lessons, it’s best to offer her sweeping, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and dusting and mopping. She is the greatest raw source of magic I know and the mountains and rivers and dark forests of Siberia given life. Reindeer and chicken and horses and wolves, I have found, are sacred to her. Her manservants are shapeshifting horses Day, Dawn, and Night. She tempts, she tests, she wisecracks, she teases, and remember, in her stew are baby bones, but also wisdom beyond measure.