I’m close to being accepted to a prestigious medical journal, Frontiers, with my first academic article with just a few revisions to go. Or I’m already accepted pending revisions. I’m not quite sure with the verbiage but either way it is exciting! Sorry guys, I am doing five research projects this semester, teaching three classes a week, and taking three PhD classes.  This is all way more important than my poetry and novels and teaching and research are my main passions while creative writing is more a hobby I do in my spare time, which I do not have a lot of this semester!  Drawing has also unfortunately taken even more of a backburn.  All is quiet on the literary front, my novel is with Daniel Lazar, Andrea Somberg, Hilary Harwell, and Thao Le, but I might be hearing back from them in a few months!  I’m doing really exciting research projects on:

  1. Suicide prevention and survivorship communities on Instagram
  2. Neonatal health and climate change amongst D.C. Medicare patients
  3. Graduate and academic mental health
  4. Climate change and renewable energy
  5. Perceptions of air pollution and climate change

Anyways, I’ll post the link if my article comes out soon as Fronteirs is open access. Off to revise!


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