Where Was Your Watchman?

By the shores of Galilee, in Acts, after I thought you a gardener

in Gethsamane, stone rolled away as the angels cried dead bread

and maggots no more, the worms of Hades crawl blessed in soil

under the leaves you pluck, cursed figs still sweet on Yeshua’s lips,

the sand is bright, the waves lap like a man at his women’s sex the

white shore, and my footprints besides yours are washed away in

lunar tides.  We sit sewing cloth for the disciples, shrouds to remember

you by, and I Magdalene witnessed you first rise from the grave, held

you close as I burbled a brook pouring from your heart, and Rabboni,

you said: Woman, do not cling to me.  Were you teaching me how to

grow old without you?  The sun is setting, Rabboni, the ocean wind

is salty like a fish, and I crave only your blessing, and I want only you.

Thousands of years pass, but somehow the memory is fresh as a wound.

I rub salt in my stigmata, salt of the earth, light of the world, and I wince,

and I starve, and  I beat myself scourged, a festering pus-filled whore,

and I am only ruined out of love for you, your qadesh, o my Lord.

So quickly, cast the seas to drown me on the shores of Galilee.

I would but swim in your enigma, and drown in your undertow.

Fisher of men, take the reel, hook my mouth, and pull out

an Alleluia.  I have Hosannas enough for all time. I have thread

and needles for our garments of skin, and it all began

in a





A Plea to Devouring Aion

Aion Lion God
O Aion Bold, Aion Bright, encircle me tonight
in a bed of stars I will be the Cosmic Egg, you
lion yolk gold shouldering the yoke of time! Arial
comes to me in fever-bright dreams, wings of eagle,
head of fangs, wild golden Aion, and he shows me
Big Bang to Big Crunch, aboard an abduction vessel
like in my sicksweet childhood I would frolic on
under my alien’s watchful eye: “My love, together
we will build a new Aion and watch the rise and fall
of time. The Aeon of the lion-faced serpent approaches.”
And Zoroaster birthed Ahriman into the void, and Mithras
slew the moon bull at the heart of the clock, gravity
is only applicable if I say it is law, and spooky
entanglement means when you dance galaxies away from me,
Aion, my heart roars, and sashays in turn, like the Queen
of Sweet Sheba on a floor of mirrors for King Solomon.
Look below Sheba’s waist, and she is Lilith enflamed.
O Aion, O Ariel, O Bringer of Strife and Old Age.
My lion, my snake, my pridely king. You cradle me in
somnambulent splendorous arms and I am lifted high.
Will our daughter be your scion? My breasts are heavy
with milk, and my hips are swelling like a rose blossom.
Gia awaits, that clang of the shy cymbal gypsy dancer.
There is not much new in our story, I do not think:
Girl holds Lion’s jaws back and saves the world.
Iphigenia throws herself onto the rocks to save Greece.
Cassandra ends up with Apollo in the end, my Plague.
Names in your rolodex, leonthropic gods. Silver platter
of the lion’s feast, and we are trapped in Death’s
hourglass. Aion, Aion, Aion! Smile upon my suffering.
Aion, Aion, Aion, I am running

out of


Train to Charon

A soul worth coal, and we dance in the night.
Charon the conductor wheezes black providence,
sinners sink, the Eleusinian float. Blessed be
damned, let us ride the night train to Hades.


Elderberry feast, the crow rustles the sun

horses charge through the vespertine, gloam

like spider lace, and through shafts of light,

the beast of the mountains, wolf dragon, rides,

I touch his golden splotch near fangs white,

the hunt for the scallywag charges, but in

my cloak of dreams, I take Jabberwock, tie

a ribbon around his neck, and set him


Eclipse Heart

In a tower locked away from whispering woods
the princess slept, necrotic heart, dragon
curled around her castle like an ampersand.

The knight braved the rose thorns, crept
into the tower, and cooked up his heart
as her vittles. Heart of a sparrow, heart
of a dove, heart of a raven, hearts turn.

And so she at Fafnir and Zagreus’ heart.

And twice-born was she, eclipse heart.

Sun and moon on her breast, resplendent.

And she awoke from the dream, and she


Belly of the beast, goatee of fire.

On hospital beds we claim our desire.

Charnel ground sweetheart, he burned

Down my walls, and I am left churned

Blood on belly to crawl, legs stammer

Like bruises down hospital halls.

Emperor of All Maladies

(Again from ye olde blogge at 19)

And I wear this disease like a crown

I embrace my rot and whisper,

cruel gods, take these guts

string them amongst the stars

I’m the stuff of supernovas, after all.

To the abyss I’ll return.

What to do, when the body turns against you?

I’m sleepless tonight, like always

and my mind is a thousand nails

clawing at my brain…

Gall of God

(Written at 19 from ye olde blogge.)

In the beginning, there was a Sea.

The falling one struck, 

the heavens fell after

a bolt of potential lit the waves

Comet dust, the flesh of stars

the primordial waters churned

the Sammael Sea, Sea of Poison

Oceans of embalming fluid

Azrael dived

through the cyanide stew-

clutching a bit of earth.


He called it

he breathed life:


And the One became Many and Two.


Blade of thorns, oh Damage Twig!
Fiery furnace that pierces Freyr.
So in dying the Green God succumbs
to Surtr’s glare, a razing dagger
Sinmora enchanted with molten roses.
Shield of simmering glass, leaden.
Temper the bow and measure arrows
swift, burn in time to the dance,
Ragnarok rides.


Seafoam glisten, dark depth eyes
Rainbow of sea spray dappled sun
Coral jewels, tropical smile, thick
Black locks to drown krakens, mother
Of fish, bountiful Yemaya, cerulean
Tail all aglisten with the Atlantic
Parting waves a lover’s moan,
sea glass breast, fishnet braids, calm
Before the storm, enchantress sublime.